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Unknown galaxies. Photo: NYTimes

Unknown galaxies. Photo: NYTimes

South African Telescope Spots 1,300 Unknown Galaxies.
A patch of sky about as big as the full moon where the MeerKAT telescope discerned the radio glow of about 200 galaxies. Only a few (circled) had been previously observed; Right: A distant galaxy with an explosive core powered by a black hole.

Pluto’s “heart” Photo: NYTimes

What We’ve Learned About Pluto
In the year since NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft flew by Pluto, the dwarf planet has maintained its icy heart. But closer analysis of the trove of data collected by the space probe reveals intriguing clues to other possible features.

 Juno probe returns photo. Credit: BBC

Juno probe returns photo. Credit: BBC

Juno probe returns first in-orbit Jupiter photo
The American space agency’s new Juno mission to Jupiter has returned its first imagery since going into orbit around the gas giant last week.

Inside the Super-Kamiokande detector in Japan

Inside the Japanese Super-Kamiokande detector

Flavor changing neutrinos give insight into Big Bang
The question of why are we here perhaps means different things to different people, but in the field of particle physics it is a question that we may be close to finding an answer to.

Dwarf Planet, the Latest of Many

Dwarf Planet, the Latest of Many. Photo: NYTimes

Astronomers Discover New Likely Dwarf Planet, the Latest of Many
The neighborhood beyond Neptune is becoming ever more crowded, with astronomers announcing this week the discovery of another likely dwarf planet.

Black hole 'feasting'. Photo: BBC

Black hole ‘feasting’. Photo: BBC

Cardiff University astronomers observe black hole ‘feasting’
Astronomers at Cardiff University have observed a supermassive black hole preparing to “feast” in a galaxy one billion light years from Earth.

Low-cost satellites to Moon's orbit. Photo: BBC

Low-cost satellites to orbit Moon. Photo: BBC

British partnership to send low-cost satellites to Moon’s orbit
A British partnership has announced plans for low-cost lunar missions and space exploration. Goonhilly Earth Station in Cornwall and Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd plan to send a “mother ship” to transport satellites beyond Earth’s orbit.

It is being called a “new model of low-cost, high-value, space exploration”.

Juno mission

Juno mission. Photo: BBC

What would it be like to fall into Jupiter?
What would it be like to fall through Jupiter’s many gaseous layers? And what is at the center of the planet? Is there a solid core?

Osiris-Rex launch

Osiris-Rex launch

NASA Launches Osiris-Rex Spacecraft to Retrieve Asteroid Pieces
The craft is set to return to Earth in seven years with bits of a nearby asteroid that would give scientists a window on some of the material that made up the early solar system.

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