From the Assistant Director

by Larry Kane

After a discussion with Director Rex Parker, he and I concluded that we want to invite our membership to a relaxed evening at the Gravity Hill Farm in Titusville. While much has to be planned and confirmed, we are working on putting together an evening of relaxation, pizza, beverages and star gazing with the membership of the Washington Crossing Park Association (WCPA). This will be an event sponsored by the Boards of Directors of both organizations as a thank you to their members. We hope that, we can form a strong union with the WCPA as a way of showing our support for an organization working for the maintenance and betterment of the park that houses our observatory.

Our initial thoughts are to have a “Membership Night Out” in early November.   It is our hope that this pleasant, free of charge, evening of pizza under the stars will become an annual event. It will be a benefit of membership provided to those belonging to each of our organizations. This event will be able to solidify a mutual imperative for all of us, the preservation and improvement of our park.

So start thinking of a weekend evening in the first or second week of November. Think of it as a reward being granted to you as a member of an organization that seeks to be worthy of your support. Stay tuned for more information as things develop.

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