Minutes of the May 10, 2016 AAAP Meeting

by James Poinsett, Secretary

  • Assistant Director Larry Kane called the meeting to order and introduced the chairman of the nominating committee, Bill Murray.
  • Bill read the slate of candidates for officers for the 2016/2017 club year and asked if there were any other members interested in running for office, no one volunteered. The election was held and the slate was elected unanimously, there were 40 members present and voting.
  • Larry continued the meeting after the lecture and thanked everyone who participated in communiversity, we had a very good day.
  • Michael Mitrano, the treasurer, had no news to report.
  • Secretary Jim Poinsett sent an email to all members requesting they respond to confirm their email address. If you didn’t receive that email please email secretary@princetonastronomy.org to confirm your email.
  • Gene Ramsey gave the observatory report.
    • We had a good day for the Mercury transit. There were 10 telescopes at the observatory for viewing. An article is being written for Sky and Telescope about using it being the third century the H/B refractor was used to view a Mercury transit.
    • There was poor weather for the scout jamboree. We still managed to show them the observatory and telescopes. There was a brief window of clear sky for viewing on Saturday night.
  • Two representatives from Jenny Jump were visiting to discuss our rarely used observatory. They suggest sharing/leasing it with a NY club that is interested or possibly giving it up entirely. The discussion on this will continue at future meetings.
  • Michael Wright has stepped down as co-editor of SideReal Times. A new co-editor is needed. Let Surabhi know if you are interested.
  • Two nights of a planetarium/observatory program are planned, they are May 13th and 27th.
  • The Cherry Springs Star Party is June 2-5, a group is planning on meeting there. Speak with Rex Parker or Bill Murray if you are interested.
  • Dave Skitt is setting up tax-exempt status with a computer vendor for the club. Soon we will have the new computers and software that was approved for purchase.
  • There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.
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