Outreach Report

by David Letcher, Outreach Chair

SSSAAAP participated in a number of star parties held at local elementary schools this past academic year, which a few of our members made possible. Last November we visited the Newell school in Allentown, NJ, and the Stuart Country Day school in Princeton.  We were also invited to visit the Constable Elementary school in Kendall Park last October but that was cancelled on account of the inclement weather. We visited the Princeton Day school earlier this year too.

Communiversity happens on April 17th this year!  AAAP’s volunteers have brought their telescopes to the event the past few years and, hopefully, will do it again this spring.

Our next star party on April 29th is a big one!  A group of about 115 scouts and their adult leaders will visit the observatory on the evening of Friday, April 29th! Obviously the scheduled key holder team will need lots of help that night. We’ll need additional members to bring their telescopes to the observatory to supplement the club’s supply in the observatory.

We will also host a cub scout troop at our observatory on Saturday evening, June 11th of this year.  Volunteers are needed for this event.

We have been invited by the Boy Scouts of America’s Washington Crossing Council to help at ScoutFest 16 at the Hunterdon County Fairgrounds in Ringoes, NJ.  ScoutFest 16 runs from October 7 to October 9 and will offer fun and exciting exhibits and activities to 3000-4000 scouts, family and guests representing Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, Varsity Scouting, Venturing, Sea Scouts and Exploring.

ScoutFest’s main programs and activities will occur on Saturday from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm on Saturday October 8. Imagine giving a star party to 3000 – 4000 scouts!  Lots of scopes and volunteers needed if we go.

AAAP continues to support local school teachers and PTA/PTO groups by our volunteer members setting up their telescopes out in the school yard so children and their parents and grandparents can view nighttime sky objects.

Our AAAP has a reliable group of six to ten volunteers who consistently attend these star parties year-after-year and for that we are thankful.


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