From the Assistant Director

by Larry Kane, Assistant Director

As a trustee of the Washington Crossing Park Association (WCPA), I want to urge members of the AAAP to consider joining the WCPA.  This organization is strategically placed to intercede with agencies of the State of New Jersey in issues involving the park in which our observatory is located.  In addition to hosting and facilitating the expected history related events and remembrances that make the park both famous and unique, the WCPA assists the AAAP in our outreach efforts at our observatory.   For example, over the weekend of April 29, we will be hosting 115 boy scouts and their adult scout leaders from the Northern New Jersey Scouts.  On both Friday and Saturday nights we can show them some of the wonders that the Spring skies offer for viewing.   We can during the day, set up solar telescopes to view the nearest star to us.   I hope that you will consider joining the WCPA.  Membership is $25.00 a year.  Please go to the website below for the application.

Another activity I am working on is Communiversity Day in Princeton.  This year it will be held on Sunday, April 17, from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM.  This will be the fourth time the AAAP has participated.   It is a rare opportunity to set up solar telescopes on Princeton’s campus and talk to literally hundreds of people of all ages.  We have lots of handouts, courtesy of Astronomy Magazine, for the event.  I am hoping that we get a good turnout from the AAAP membership to join us at our table and/or to enjoy the event.  Communiversity Day normally draws over thirty thousand people in one afternoon.  Please contact me if you can lend us a hand.  Hope to see you there.

We are still considering a group trip to view the Total Solar Eclipse in August of 2017.  From what I have been able to gather, the best place to be, and the one having the best chance of clear skies is in Oregon.  While there are closer venues, e.g. Illinois, Tennessee, Kentucky or the Carolinas, these states may not offer the best chances for clear skies.  If you would be interested in joining in on this group “expedition,” or if you have any ideas of where we might be able to go as a group, please let me know.  Send your thoughts to me at this email address:

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