Minutes of the January 2016 AAAP Meeting

by Jim Poinsett, Secretary

  • The speaker for the evening was Frank O’Brien who gave a lecture entitled “Navigating to the Moon – The View from the Apollo Guidance Computer”.
  • Director Rex Parker called the meeting to order at 9:00 pm and talked about where the club is and where it is going:
    • Great presentations by pros and amateurs
    • Access to members knowledge
    • State of the art observatory
    • Public outreach opportunities
  • Projects for 2016
    • Observatory structure improvements
    • Telescope equipment upgrades
    • New website migration
    • Keyholder public outreach astronomy refresher course
    • Astrophotography 101
    • Interesting new field trips
  • Observatory news – the original plan to increase the size of the flap to accommodate additional equipment has been changed to removing the flap entirely and making the south wall solid to the peak. There would be almost no limit on the height of any additional equipment we decided to add.
  • A refresher course in astronomy for keyholders before the new observing season begins is being discussed. Several ideas were listed and discussion will continue at the next meeting.
  • Rex is trying to gauge if there is enough interest to host a basic astrophotography class for club members.
  • A weekly newsletter/update on astronomical events has been suggested for keyholders.
  • Gene Ramsey has made a dustcap for the Mallincam refractor.
  • There was a discussion of the new vs old website. Several suggestions were made and people have been assigned to provide some materials to Surhabi and Mike. More discussion will follow as we hope to go live with it very soon.
  • Two possible field trips were discussed. One was to Goddard Space Center and the other was a late spring/early summer trip to Cherry Springs State park in Pennsylvania.
  • Sidereal Times is going back to a deadline format as the quantity and quality of submissions has dropped significantly.
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