Star Quest 2015 – September 11 – 13

Gene Ramsey, ready to go copy

Gene Ramsey, ready to go. Credit: Ludy D’ Angelo

StarQuest is on for September 11 – 13, 2015 at Hope Conference Center in Hope, New Jersey!

This year’s event will continue the simplifying trend of recent years with a focus on observing and socializing, and with significantly lower costs for attendees.  Bring your own observing equipment or meander between the telescopes of others in the group who will be happy to share their views of the sky with you.  Bill Murray will be creating a “Deep Sky Challenge” for those desiring to participate.

To be flexible, the event will be walk-in/pay-as-you-go for each night of attendance.  There will be no prepayment and no need to formally pre-register.  However, to communicate with Hope Conference Center our needs for the weekend, we ask that you fill out a non-binding, intention-to-attend form.  Your response will place you on an email list through which all final communication about the event will take place.  Please an email to for the form.

The event is open to all AAAP members and their family.  Members may invite select friends who have inquired about our event.  Please send this email to those who want to attend that may not be on our AAAP member email list so they can be informed and respond accordingly.

Accommodations will be men’s and women’s bunkhouses or you can bring your own tent or RV.  Bathroom and shower facilities are available.  The cost per night is $20 for adults and $10 for children (ages 6-12), regardless of choice of accommodation.

There will be no club prepared meals. The kitchen facilities at the center will be available for our use, however.  There has been discussion of ordering takeout food for the group. Those not inclined to take-out should feel free to band together to visit the local eating establishments or bring their own meals.  Hot and cold drinks and munchies will be available throughout the weekend.

In case of bad or questionable weather, the event will be cancelled. The go/no go decision will be made on the Thursday evening before the event and notification will be made via email.  Please check your email before leaving for the event.

Your intent-to-attend response and any other questions or correspondence should be sent to:

Regards, the StarQuest Team

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