Minutes of the May 2015 AAAP Annual Meeting

by Jim Poinsett, Secretary

  • Meeting called to order by Rex at 7:30
  • Rex introduced the slate of officers nominated for the 2015/2016 meeting year, a motion to accept the slate was made and seconded. The officers were approved unanimously.
  • Rex explained the expenditures needed to complete the new video observation equipment needed at the observatory, (computers, cables, monitor, new boards for Paramount mounts and TheSky 10 software). A $5000 proposal was presented to the membership. A motion was made and seconded, the membership approved the expense unanimously.
  • Ira introduced the speaker for the evening, Dr. Tim Morton. His lecture was entitled “The Astonishing Diversity of Planetary Systems”.
  • There will be a club trip to Cherry Springs park in Pennsylvania on June 19th and 20th.
  • The June meeting will be at the planetarium at the New Jersey State Museum in Trenton. Bill Murray will present the latest show.
  • Gene showed the club the donated eyepieces and explained that they will be kept at the observatory for member use. There still needs to be some decisions made on the other donated equipment and a side-by-side comparison of the two C14’s.
  • Bill Murray was able to obtain a new 55mm eyepiece for the refractor, replacing the current one that is deteriorating.
  • There was an attempted break-in at the observatory. The lock hasp needed replacing. More security measures may be considered.
  • The gate issues at the observatory have been worked out. There are six teams with six members on each. The observatory chairs will organize member training on the new equipment.
  • The public will be driving all the way in on observing nights and should be directed to park at the nature center.
  • The programs committee is soliciting ideas for speakers for the coming year.
  • There will be solar observing at the observatory on Memorial Day weekend.
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