Book Review: 110 Things To See With A Telescope

By Lisa Ann Fanning



Must have for your Astronomy library!

John A. Read has done it again!  His writing style demystifies astronomy, which can be such an intimidating topic, especially for a reader like me, who grew up in the light-polluted skies of New York City. And this time, he has brought Chris Vaughan along to help bring the reader through the night sky. This book, 110 Things To See With A Telescope is no exception and a must have for ANY enthusiastic Astronomy buff, regardless of experience.

I highly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in Astronomy!

New to Astronomy? Not a problem – there are 20 pages of introductory information that is helpful in understanding things like types of telescopes, how to plan viewing sessions, how to record observations, and of course, history and background of the Messier catalog.

The design team has thought of so many little format touches that make this book incredibly user friendly. Objects are organized by season to help the reader plan their observing sessions easily and the page edges are even color coded accordingly.

Each object has a brief description in simple terms, common and alternative names, object brightness, distance, a subjective rating for difficulty to see.  Additionally, each object is depicted to a scale of about 100x, similar to the size of the full moon. They are also depicted in relation to the easier to find objects (stars, constellations, etc.) that surround it, making it easier much easier to locate than other books which do not typically show this information. Diagrams even include a depicted Telrad ring to aid the reader.

Also helpful is space to record your observations, with prompts for information and space to sketch that is helpful whether submitting observing certificate applications or just maintaining a record of your sightings that you can look back on in years to come.

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