In Memoriam: Tony Miskowski

by John Church

Tony Miskowski, an active AAAP member from the 70’s and 80’s, passed away on February 22nd. Tony was one of the chief builders of our observatory in Washington Crossing State Park in the late 70’s. He had a warm personality and was physically strong and capable. I remember him lifting heavy rocks out of the foundation ditch that nobody else could even budge and climbing up on the roof beams to help finish their attachments. The photo below shows Tony in the red plaid jacket helping to raise the east beam into place.

Erecting the Roof Beams at Washington-Crossing Observatory  Credit: Dick Perry

Erecting the East Beam at Washington-Crossing Observatory Credit: Dick Peery

Tony never missed our picnics and would customarily bring a hearty dish of kielbasa that was a great favorite of everyone’s. Those were memorable times indeed.

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