From the Assistant Director

by Larry Kane, Assistant Director 

On, Sunday, February 22, the Washington Crossing Park Association successfully pulled off its first major event.  It was held to celebrate the birthday of George Washington.  Over eighty people attended the event to hear three academic historians describe the role of New Jersey in the American Revolution and the major battles that took place here.  Because the AAAP made a donation of $100 to the WCPA, the group made our club a co-sponsor of the event.  My wife Marlene and I staffed the AAAP table at the event and we took advantage of the opportunity to talk about astronomy in general and the AAAP in particular.  I have attached a picture of our table.

Marlene Kane at the Washington Crossing Park Association event. Credit: Larry Kane

Marlene Kane at the Washington Crossing Park Association event. Credit: Larry Kane

I am urging that all AAAP members and friends consider joining the Washington Crossing Park Association.  The group was formed to, and works toward maintaining and improving the park in which our observatory is sited.  The result of the passage of question number 2 on last November’s election ballot was to drastically reduce funding for parks and preservation.   In response, the WCPA is working to inform the public and those organizations with a stake in the maintenance and improvement New Jersey’s state parks.  For more information about ballot question 2 and its ramifications, please see me.

On Wednesday, February 25, I attended a hearing of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in Ewing Township.  This single hearing in Mercer County was called to gather information on the PennEast natural gas pipeline that will be built through Mercer County and end in Hopewell.  Many residents with relevant scientific backgrounds testified on the negative environmental impact and potential explosive danger that the proposed 36” pipeline poses.   The proposed pipeline route will take it within a quarter mile of the observatory.  Stay tuned for further developments.

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