Minutes of the January 2015 AAAP Meeting

by Jim Poinsett, Secretary

  • Larry brought the meeting to order.
  • Jim Poinsett showed the club the Explore Scientific ED127 Apochromatic Refractor w/accessories and case the club received from the recent donation.
  • Kate Otto introduced the speaker Dr. Alan Hirshfeld, Professor of Physics at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and an Associate of the Harvard College Observatory who presented a talk entitled “From Backyard to Mountaintop: The Adventures of History’s Best Worst Telescope”.
  • Michael Mitrano updated the status of the video project for the observatory. The camera has been ordered, we are on a waiting list, it will be about 4 weeks before we receive the camera. The plan at that point is to try out the camera on a variety of telescopes to determine the best scope to purchase, if we don’t already have it.
  • The Observa-dome has been picked up and is out of our hands. Michael has the paperwork from the others items in that donation.
  • The Washington Crossing Park Association is presenting “After the Crossing – NJ and the Revolution” at the Titusville Firehouse on Rt. 29. The AAAP will have a table at the event so we can give out literature on the club, Larry will be there.
  • Michael Mitrano reports the treasury is doing fine.
  • The speaker is all set for the February meeting.
  • Gene Ramsey informed the club that the new gate has been installed and our lock is in place. Currently there is no way to secure the gate open to drive through. He also reminded us that snow plowing in the park sometimes causes problems getting to the observatory. Also so far there is no problem with the roof, the observatory is operational as of the date of the meeting. If any problems do occur Gene will notify the club secretary and he will notify the entire club.
  • Testing on the new paramount mount has been delayed by illness. Dave Skitt has researched mounting plate for the pier we currently have and a custom one is available for approximately $140 – $180.
  • There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.
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