Gravity Wells According to XKCD (contributed by Michael Wright)

Rover Humor from XKCD (contributed by Ira Polans)

Cosmigraphics (contributed by David Kaplan)

Over thousands of years, humans have tried to represent the universe in graphic form, whether in manuscripts, paintings, prints, books or supercomputer simulations.

The Violent Universe (contributed by Ed Sproles)

Here is another free online class may be of interest:

EdX is running another class taught by Paul Francis and Brian Schmidt of Australian National University.  Brian Schmidt is a 2011 Nobel Prize winner in physics.  The class just started so you can join and catch up.

The class is titled “The Violent Universe” and covers White Dwarfs to Supernovae and black holes.  You can do as much or as little as you like in viewing the lectures and doing the problem sets.

A fun sideline in their courses is a “mystery” world where their universe obeys somewhat different laws.  They disclose a little more each week; it is a puzzle to figure what is going on in this world using the observations provided.

 Just Google “The Violent Universe” to find it in EdX.

Gerry Neugebauer, Pioneer in Space Studies, Dies at 82 (contributed by David Kaplan)

Dr. Neugebauer’s biggest achievement was in detecting and interpreting infrared radiation emanating from outer space to provide insights about the universe that radio waves or X-rays cannot.

Photo Nightscape Awards (contributed by Michael Wright)
The first edition of the Photo Nightscape Awards, PNA, has just ended…. 
The PNA (international photography awards) rewards the authors of nightscapes, growing trend of astrophotography. The PNA is openned to all ! Photographers and astrophotographers, pro and amateurs, adults and juniors participated and won great rewards offered by our partners :
Trip to ESO in Chile, Trip to the Alqueva Dark Sky Reserve in Portugal, binoculars and telescopes…
We are delighted to honor them in this video of the most beautiful pictures received for the first edition in 2014.

The first edition of the PNA was a great success, well beyond the of the astronomy borders! The second edition is coming and will begin in February 2015!  To participate or for more information, please send an email to:

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