The Pearl of Time

A Poem by Alison Lu

In the darkness of the world.
We have one savior.
The pearl in the sky.
The clock that marks the day and night.
Surrounded by the dew of the universe.
The twinkling diamonds.
You might lay, one day, in the light,
of the time,
of the shining moment.
Or you might glance,
at the sliver in the sky.

The mirror harnesses the solar flare.
so you might see it as a kid,
and wonder,
What is that?
Inspired from fire,
bring on the tide.
Higher, and higher,
then slow and subside.
The smiling man,
the generous face,
that allows us humans
to collect his skin.
Depending on the flame,
it is quite a shame,
that we are chipping it away,
rock by rock.

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