The Universal Dream

A Poem by Alison Lu

Shall the darkness of the world envelop you in
the cold silence of the night.
Shall the whispering owls lull you to sleep.
Shall you remain, undisturbed
by the din of the future.
Shall the stars stare bright at you,
and you will understand.

Shall your mind travel through a worm-hole,
and never to wake up.
To dream of things never seen
with the naked eye.
The vast nebula, the lake across the sunset,
and the creamy Milky Way.
Between the big dipper,
you are the bear,
and you shall guide the sailors.

Shall you travel the world,
maybe to meet an alien race.
Shall you never have to face,
the thought of waking up.
The sun will burn you,
the shadow will kill,
yet you will be safe.
For the technology of the earth,
will never achieve,
the wonders you see
when you believe.

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