From the Director

Ludovico D’Angelo, Director

Get excited; get motivated. Spring is back; put some spring in your step. We start our public open houses at Washington Crossing on April 5th. This is a great opportunity to become trained as a keyholder. Come and help out. It’s the first step to attaining that goal. At this time, it looks like the public will still need to park and walk to the observatory. We will get an update soon from the park concerning this situation.

Our 50th anniversary dinner and lecture are coming up on May 11th. This will take the place of our annual meeting, which would have been May 14th. At the dinner, an AAAP meeting will be called to order for the sole purpose of electing the next board of trustees. After that, its all good fun, food, conversation, panel discussion and observing. Please note the Board fully expects every club member to participate in our gala event. If you cannot make the dinner, please come to the panel discussion and observing afterwards. See the AAAP website for more details!

Princeton Communiversity will be Sunday, April 28th and Super Science Day will be Saturday, May 4th, 2013. We hope to have a presence at both these events this year. We will post more info very soon.

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