From the Director

Ludovico D’Angelo, Director

We had a fairly low key Board meeting on the 15th of January. Other than the Board, only a few members attended. I think this was the lowest attended Board meeting in quite a while. We did discuss several things that are included in the Board Minutes in this issue. The New Observatory Committee and 50th Anniversary Committee have held meetings and are making progress toward the tasks they have been given. There will soon be a proposed plan, and budget, for the proposed new observatory. If the Board approves, the plan and budget will go out to the membership for a vote.

The anniversary dinner may be in the beginning of May. It was assumed that there would be no regular meeting that month, but May is our annual meeting. Voting for the new Board will be then so we will need to hash that out in some way.

We will have a change in our meeting this coming month. We will meet in Peyton Hall on Monday, February 4th. This change was made to allow our guest speaker to give his presentation. We will not meet on the second Tuesday so please mark your calendars.

Jim Poinsette has volunteered once again to head the nominations committee. If you are interested in helping out in this effort, please contact him. I will not be Director next year, and as I understand, the current Assistant Director will not be on the Board next year so that leaves at least two spots open. It is important that if you care about the direction of the club and our future as a club, that you step up and help lead, or recommend someone you know in the club that would make a good leader.

Its cold outside, so keep warm and we will see you on Monday, February 4th in Peyton Hall at 8:00 p.m.

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