November 13, 2012 AAAP Meeting Minutes

by Michael Wright, Secretary

The meeting was called to order by Director Ludy D’Angelo. He welcomed everyone to the meeting and noted that five new members have joined since October. Ludy recognized the new members in the attendance. He announced that the committee planning the 50th anniversary dinner held a meeting on Sunday, November 11, and they are seeking volunteers. Ludy announced that the club has Astronomy magazine’s 2013 Deep Sky Mysteries calendars on sale for $10. He reminded all members that 2012-2013 due are due.

Kate Otto, Program Chair, introduced the speaker, Renée Hlozek, a Lyman Spitzer Jr. Postdoctoral Fellow in the Astrophysical Sciences Department at Princeton University. In her talk entitled “The Cosmic Shopping List: Constituents and Symmetries in the Universe”, she explained how observations of the universe fit into our larger understanding of the universe on many different levels – from the very small to the largest scales.

After a brief break, Ludy reconvened the business portion of the meeting.

  1. Observatory: Ludy reported that the observatory is closed until power is restored and the park is reopened.
  2. Secretary’s Report: Nothing to report.
  3. Sidereal Times: Michael Wright said the deadline for submitting articles for the December issue is November 29, 2012.
  4. Treasurer’s Report: Michael Mitrano said that he will send a mailing to delinquent members reminding them about their dues in January.
  5. Observatory Donation: Michael Mitrano reported that he is working on a plan for the proposed installation at Jenny Jump. He questioned how high the dome should be. Bill Murray responded that the dome height is determined by the height of the mount. The bottom of the dome must be low enough so the scope can sight near the horizon yet not low enough to interfere with slewing the scope. Ludy said that the proposed mount is the same as the Paramount at WC so the height of the Paramount could be measured and used to set the height of the new dome.
  6. Outreach Report: David Letcher announced that two outreach star parties are planned:
        a) Wednesday, November 28 at the Millstone River School, 75 Grover’s Mill Road, West Windsor.
        b) Friday, December 7 at the Newell Elementary school in Allentown, NJ
    Anyone interested in helping should contact David. Michael Wright said that all club events including outreach are posted on the club’s event page on Facebook.
  7. Observatory Report: Gene Ramsey reported that the park should be open on Friday, November 16. The power has not been restored; however, the maintenance crews are clearing the trees and branches that came down during Hurricane Sandy and the recent snow fall. Gene has to remove the duct tape that he installed along the roof track, which kept out windblown rain during the storm. Ludy said that Brick Yard Road is ready to be opened. He will coordinate with the park supervisor.
  8. Mars Mosiacs: Ken Kremer announced that on Wednesday, November 14 several of his Curiosity Mars rover mosaics will be featured on the new PBS NOVA TV Mars documentary titled “Ultimate Mars Challenge”. On November 16, he will present a Curiosity talk at the AAI club at Union County College.

Ludy adjourned the meeting.

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