Curiosity Celebrates Four Months on Mars with Touchdown in Princeton

by Dr. Ken Kremer, AAAP, Spaceflight Magazine & Universe Today

Curiosity Self Portrait with Mount Sharp in Gale Crater. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS/Ken Kremer/Marco Di Lorenzo

Curiosity Self Portrait with Mount Sharp in Gale Crater. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS/Ken Kremer/Marco Di

NASA’s revolutionary Curiosity rover is celebrating over four months exploring Mars by snapping amazing self-portraits and biting into the Red Planet’s surface to accomplish unprecedented scientific analysis of an alien world.

See the glorious Martian terrain (in color and 3-D) revealed as you have never seen it before during my December 11 presentation at the AAAP monthly meeting – “Curiosity and the Search for Life on Mars in 3-D”. Watch as Mars is unveiled through NASA imagery and my custom mosaics placing Curiosity in context with her surroundings. I inspected Curiosity in the clean room prior to blastoff and watched the mission launch from the roof of the iconic Vehicle Assembly Building at the Kennedy Space Center.

Ken Kremer & Curiosity in the KSC Clean Room

Ken Kremer & Curiosity in the KSC Clean Room

December 6 marked a major milestone in Curiosity’s daring and evolving mission in search of signs of life. It’s the four month anniversary of her toiling on the breathtaking Martian surface since the hair-raising pinpoint touchdown on August 6 inside Gale Crater at the foothills of a humongous and gorgeously layered Mount Sharp.

Recently Curiosity snapped a never-before-seen panoramic vista showing a matchless self-portrait of her Mastcam ‘head’ and body combined with a thrilling scene of her eventual destination. Mount Sharp likely holds the key to understanding Mars’ watery past and over four billion year evolution that will tell us whether Mars ever possessed habitats favorable for the evolution of life.

My space and Mars imagery will be for sale at the December11 AAAP meeting. See my latest Curiosity mosaics featured at NBC & BBC News, Universe Today and the PBS Nova Mars documentary

More Astronomy Outreach by Dr. Ken Kremer
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Monmouth Museum, Brookdale Community College, Lincroft, NJ. Dec 6, 8 PM. “Atlantis, the Premature End of NASA’s Shuttle Program and What’s Beyond for NASA.
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