The PSRC Cosmology Group Invites New Members

by Steve Newfield

Six months ago eight people with a great interest in cosmology started meeting weekly to discuss all aspects of cosmology. We meet each Friday for about an hour and a half to discuss various cosmology topics (big bang, dark matter/energy, black holes, galaxies, etc). We would like to add new members to our group.

Current members have varied backgrounds. Most don’t have degrees in astronomy, and most have not worked in the field, but we have a lot of knowledge through classes, books, lectures, web, etc. Some have technical backgrounds, some don’t. We realize that there is much to learn and discuss.

At the weekly meetings, we decide what topics to cover next and a few members volunteer to do some research for future discussions. They research the topic (web, books, etc) and send email to the group with web links and/or short write-ups. They then lead a discussion at a future meeting.

The meetings are at the Princeton Senior Resource Center (PSRC) from 10 to 11:30 am on Fridays.

We would like to add the new members on December 7 or soon thereafter.

If you are interested in joining our study group, please contact me at

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