The Observatory Has Been Painted

by John Church

After a complete power washing and also spot bleaching where needed, our Simpson Observatory at Washington Crossing State Park is sporting a brand new double coat of white latex semi-gloss on the exterior of the cinder blocks and a double coat of white latex gloss on the exterior woodwork. The latter was also scraped and wire-brushed to insure that all scaled portions of the old paint were completely removed.

Power washing and wire brushing the steelwork removed all of the peeled portions of the previous red overcoat. The brown primer that was put on some years ago was still in good condition. The steelwork was then given two coats of glossy black oil-based Rustoleum.

This work was done by Bearclaw Exteriors, which is close by in Ewing Township. The owner, Eric dePugh, is interested in astronomy himself and would like to come to the next open house that occurs on a good night. Gene Ramsey and I showed him the instruments in the building.

I was there during the day and a half job, with Gene there a good part of time as well. I hope it meets with everyone’s approval. We still need some work on the masonry of the supporting pillars for the steelwork, and we have some leads for possible contractors.

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