From the Outreach Chair

David Letcher, Outreach Chair

The four Friday evening public lectures on backyard astronomy, by yours truly, are in full swing. My first class met on Friday evening, September 14. I introduced the audience to vocabulary and the objects commonly seen in our backyards. The second session dealt with the types of telescopes and eyepieces as well as certain vocabulary such as magnification, focal length and field of view. The next class will emphasize the solar system. Finally on October 5, we will study stars and galaxies.

I should mention that members Gene Ramsey and Larry Kane have been helpful to me at the public lectures. Thanks also go to the observatory teams that have shown the class various sky objects after each class.

Well, its star party season! Now that schools are in session, I am receiving requests for star parties. As of this writing, we have a star party on Tuesday, October 16 at the Linwood middle school in North Brunswick. I am pleased to report that we have four volunteers signed up for that one with a couple of tentative ones still deciding.

Another request just came in from an elementary school in South Brunswick but the date has not been decided yet.

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