Treasurer’s Report

Michael Mitrano, Treasurer

The AAAP’s fiscal year ends on June 30, and this represents my fifth year-end report to members. Again this year showed a surplus and our financial position remains very strong.

A fiscal year 2012 income statement and balance sheet was sent to all members with Sidereal Times.

Membership Chart

Membership Chart

The year ended with 92 paid members. As the chart shows, this is an improvement over the past two years but is down from our recent high in FY 2008.

As noted earlier, StarQuest revenues almost exactly covered the event’s cost. Observatory expenses were not very high this year, with no major repairs or improvements needed. The largest non-routine expense for the year was our new graphic table cover, which is the $378 expense shown in “miscellaneous.”

For these reasons and because of our membership and outreach income, the AAAP had a surplus of $1,220 for the year. Combined with previous years, results, the association’s cumulative surplus was $21,994 on June 30. FY 2012 was our 6th year of surplus and leaves us very well positioned to continue our programs of education and outreach. Please let me know if you have any questions about the AAAP’s finances.

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