From the Director

Ludovico D’Angelo, Director

Since the last meeting, several things have occurred that are noteworthy to report. The first is that Baldpate Mountain will not suit for the Transit of Venus viewing. We are looking at alternative sites, but more than likely we will end up at Washington Crossing near the soccer fields.

The second noteworthy observation is that we have had four open public nights in a row. All with fairly clear skies! There has not been too much grumbling about walking from the parking area near the soccer fields to the observatory.

Jim Lovell had fun at Super Science Day. Credit: David Kaplan

Jim Lovell had fun at Super Science Day. Credit: David Kaplan

And thirdly, we had a very successful day at the NJ State Museum complex for Super Science Day on April 21st. We had five scopes set up: two in H-Alpha and three with white light filters. We gave out club info. Many people looked at the Sun and were very impressed by it. During the whole day, there was a significant solar prominence seen in H-Alpha, and there were at least seven sunspots seen in the other scopes. I want to thank those that volunteered: David Kaplan, Michael Wright, Larry Kane, Victor Davis, and Pat and Mary Hayes. Great Job!

I am hoping that we get as many for Communiversity on April 28th.

Our next meeting is May 8th at 8 p.m. Mario Livio will be our guest speaker. At that meeting, we will vote for the new Board of Trustees, it will be our last meeting this season with a guest speaker. In June we will gather at the State Planetarium where our member, Bill Murray, will show us great wonders of the universe inside.
See you on May 8th!

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