From the Director

by Ludovico D’Angelo, Director AAA

We had a very productive Board of Trustee’s meeting on January 25th. Thanks to all that attended. It was crowded, but I was very pleased to have so much input into the club’s future.

On November 5, 1962, a group of astronomy enthusiasts formed the AAAP at their first meeting. This year will mark the 50th year of astronomical discovery, research, and knowledge. I am happy to be part of this club and grateful that it exists. It supplies anyone with an interest in astronomy the chance to learn and grow in knowledge through our regular meetings and guest speakers, And also through our observatories where we can observe the night sky. Read the club history online by accessing the pull down in the upper right corner of the webpage. It will give a good perspective on our 50 years.

The Board is agreed that there will be many activities that promote our club and astronomy enthusiasm in Princeton and its local surroundings as part of our 50th year. To accomplish these things, we need your participation. Activities that we have in mind are a presence at Princeton’s Communiversity in April, Super Science Day at the Trenton State Planetarium (also in April), and weekly or monthly sidewalk astronomy in Princeton throughout the year, starting in March.

We are trying to arrange a location for a public event to view the Transit of Venus, which occurs this year on June 5th. The location at this point will be Baldpate Mountain. It will be the last time to view this event from the earth for more than 100 years. Suffice to say, none of us will be here at the next occurrence.

We also had plans to show a movie “The City Dark” (which premiered in New York a few weeks ago) and have sidewalk astronomy afterwards. As it happens, the film “The City Dark” will be shown at the Princeton Public Library on February 11th at 7 pm. We will set up some scopes by the library after the movie. The director of the film, Ian Cheney, is scheduled to speak afterwards in a Q&A session along with Michael Lemonick, who spoke to our club in the fall of 2009. Go to for details on the Princeton Environmental Film Festival.

A dinner party to celebrate the club in lieu of our November meeting has been suggested. Stay tuned for more info on this. If you would like to help plan and pick the location, please speak up!

A process is underway to create a Facebook page to expanding our presence on the web, to communicate and announce special events, and to be connected in general. It needs some help to organize, so if any of you have experience setting up a page for an organization, please contact me.

Other activities discussed at the Board meeting were trips to any one of numerous dark sky sites, to the Navel Observatory in Washington, DC, and to the Southwest. Plus there are several outreach events coming up, and some great speakers for the rest of our current season! We are just a flurry of activity (without the actual snow flurries).

If any of you should have more suggestions, please bring them to the next meeting, and also please attend the next meeting where our guest speaker will be Dr. Paul Stenhardt of Princeton University. Please stay afterwards for the discussion on planning our future astronomy events.

See you all in Peyton Hall on February 14th (Happy Valentine’s Day!) at 8 p.m.

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