August 4, 2011 Board Meeting

by Larry Kane, Secretary

  • Director Ludy D’Angelo called the meeting to order.
  • Star Quest – The Moravian Conference Center changed its cost structure and the increases were discussed as well as what the AAAP should charge attendees. The adult fees were increased for the cabins and for camping, to reflect the increases. It was agreed that if the club could break even on Star Quest, that would be fine. We still need to acquire donations for the raffle. Several in attendance volunteered to seek donations. Ludy D’Angelo will put the menu together for the event, and will allow for dietary needs.
  • Program Chair. Chair Ken Levy provided a listing of confirmed speakers and the contacts he made for the upcoming season. He set out his objectives for the season’s program.
  • Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Michael Mitrano presented the financial picture of the AAAP. He pointed out that it would make getting dues checks easier if an email was sent to all members reminding them that the annual dues are due. Larry Kane agreed to send out an email to the membership.
  • Secretary’s Report: Secretary Larry Kane announced that he had two new applications and will revise the membership roster. He noted that both of theses new members found out about the club by our website. It was noted that our website is our best recruitment tool. A discussion was held on how best to recruit new members, especially younger members.
  • Sidereal Times: Editor Michael Wright is in urgent need of a co-editor. An email explaining this will go out to the membership. He especially needs someone to help with the October and November editions.
  • Outreach Report: Outreach Coordinator David Letcher indicated he will be providing a series of classes with Gene Ramsey on “backyard astronomy” that will be held at the Washington Crossing Park Nature Center. The four classes will be held on Friday nights to coordinate with the observatory open houses. In addition, there will be one Saturday class for solar observing. A discussion was held on hosting a “sidewalk observing” event. Ludy D’Angelo mentioned that there are groups of “air national guard” that train young people, and have evidenced an interest in astronomy.
  • Observatory Report: Gene Ramsey announced that the park personnel have been mowing the grass around the observatory. He suggested that key holders be trained to use the new alarm system. He also noted that he could provide some training on the usage of the solar filter for the C-14 telescope. It was suggested that a single training session for key-holders be held in October.
  • Up-Coming events: There will be a transit of Venus and a discussion was held on how we can develop an event for it. One possibility would be to try another event with the Princeton Library. David Levy suggested an event with a “go-pro” camera and a hot air balloon.
  • The director adjourned the meeting.
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