June 2011 Membership Meeting

by Larry Kane, Secretary

  • The last meeting of the season was held in the Planetarium of the New Jersey State Museum and called to order by Director Ludy D’Angelo.
  • Before the planetarium show was presented by former Director Bill Murray, Ludy presented an observatory key to Jim McHenry in recognition of his completing observatory training.
  • Ludy announced that the AAAP was approached by the Ronald McDonald House to bring an outreach program to their pediatric cancer patients and their families. We will await notification that their grant was approved.
  • Program Chair John Church noted that this was his last meeting in the position, and he passed on the title to Ken Levy.
  • Observatory Co-chair Gene Ramsey stated that the park rangers fixed the gate. He noted that the park had not mowed the grass around the observatory. The new burglar alarm system was ordered, and it will be installed soon. John Church brought up the need to resurface and paint the roof railings. They may require sand blasting. He will get some quotes for the work. Gene noted that we should address the condition of the stucco after the railings have been repaired. Ludy added that we should repair the observatory at Jenny Jump.
  • There was no Secretary’s report but Larry Kane thanked Michael Wright for taking the minutes at the last membership meeting.
  • Treasurer Report: The Treasurer’s report appears in another section of the Sidereal Times.
  • Sidereal Times: The next issue will be out following the Board Meeting.
  • Ludy raised the idea of a club picnic and discussed several dates. He emphasized the opportunity it presents for members to socialize with other members.
  • The business meeting was adjourned and Bill Murray presented the planetarium show.
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