October 2010 Meeting Minutes

by Larry Kane, Secretary

The meeting was called to order by Director Ludy D’Angelo.

The Director presented observatory keys to our new key-holders, David Zahler and Victor Davis, in recognition of their completing observatory training.

Rex Parker gave a report on the device he used at StarQuest, to measure the sky “darkness.”  His measurements indicated that the sky in Hope, NJ was one full magnitude darker than at Washington Crossing.

Outreach: Member David Letcher has assumed the responsibilities of Outreach Coordinator.  He announced that we have two events scheduled.  The first, this coming Saturday is two troops of boy scouts at our W/C observatory.  The other, some time in November is a two night event in Pemberton, NJ and was requested by member Dee Bosch.  Dee noted that member and co-editor of the Sidereal Times, Michael Wright, has helped her to get her school’s telescope to work correctly.

Secretary Larry Kane stated that corrections to errors on the roster are being finalized.

Program Chair John Church noted that the next speaker for our Tuesday lecture series in Jerry Lodriguss.  He is a professional sports photographer for the Philadelphia Inquirer and noted astro-photographer.  Jerry has written several books on astro-photography.  John proceeded to highlight the speakers for the remainder of the season.

Treasurer’s report: The Treasurer’s report appears in another section of the Sidereal Times.

Observatory Co-chair Gene Ramsey reported that he has found some good information on repairing the observatory’s refractor mount.  Members Rex Parker and John Church offered to help Gene find articles that will assist the repairs.  Member and Assistant Director Jeff Bernardis gave Gene some material on security systems that might replace the present observatory system. Developing a new set of directions and a new map to the observatory were discussed.  Gene asked that a work party of members be assembled for the following Saturday to clear brush and brambles and do some painting.  It was noted that we need to complete the drainage work.  Member Saul Moroz asked if an “air chair” could be purchased for the observatory.  Member Brian Van Liew suggested that some of the hollows around the building be filled in thus creating more even space to set up telescopes.

Sidereal Times: The deadline for the November issue is October 29.

Larry Kane, Secretary

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