From the Director

by Ludovico D’Angelo, Director

It seems time goes so fast. Just yesterday (actually 2 weeks ago) we had our last meeting, and it is November already. I don’t mind, it just gets me to the next meeting of the AAAP just that much sooner. Our next meeting will be November 9th at 8 PM in Peyton Hall. Our speaker will be Jerry Lodriguss, a photographer and astro-photographer. As with the last meeting, it will be a fantastic program.


There are also many new members who have joined the club recently. Some of them are Arthur Firestone, Eric Kauffman, Kevin Burkman, Steve Newfield, and Sanjay Phanse. There are several others, and I hope to introduce them at our next meeting. Please welcome them with me into this great club of ours and help them perpetuate whatever their interest is in our hobby of amateur astronomy.

Friday October 29th was the last public night out at the Simpson Observatory for the 2010 season. It ended with a clear night and a small crowd of enthusiastic campers and observers visiting. Overall, I think this season was a good one, and more clear nights than usual on the whole. But Friday nights are not the only times that the observatory can be open. For all of you, access to the observatory is one of the benefits of membership in the club. So don’t be shy, if you want to go out, call a keyholder you may know and do some observing.

There will be an AAAP Board of Directors meeting on Thursday, November 4th at 7:30 PM in Peyton Hall. If any one would like to attend, please let me know.

See you all on the 9th!

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