Introducing New Student Member

YugandharaLuthraHi, I am Yugandhara Luthra, a junior attending Princeton High School in New Jersey. My passion lies in the fields of science and mathematics, with a particular fascination for space exploration and its endless possibilities. As a participant in the PHS Research Program, I am fortunate enough to delve into research projects centered around stars, exoplanets, and particle accelerators. I continuously challenge myself with advanced courses from Harvard University in the field of astronomy and physics.  

I am dedicated to making a positive impact on the world beyond my academic pursuits. As a leader and participant in PHS Food Aid and PHS IDEAS Center initiatives, I work on projects that benefit our community and address critical issues facing humanity. Additionally, I hold the roles as Vice-President for Odyssey of the Mind and VP-Logistics for the Science by the Scoop club at PHS. Through these various leadership positions, I am able to contribute my skills and expertise to diverse projects and collaborate with others to create positive change.

Regarding my extracurricular pursuits, I find solace in golf and reading, which provide me with a serene retreat to unwind and reconnect with myself–after a busy day or a demanding week.

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