In Search for Ideas to Celebrate the Club’s 60th Anniversary

by Surabhi Agarwal

This year our club completes 60 years of its formation. In the years following its formation, it steadily established itself as one of the premier astronomy clubs of our times. The club has been instrumental in promoting the wonders of the skies to the young and the young at heart. Our members visit schools and entertain and educate public at the impressive observatory in Washington Crossing State Park. Many of our members have been with the club for more than half its existence and have dedicated a good chunk of their lives to the club and its mission to introduce the public to the wonders of the universe and promote backyard observation.

For our golden anniversary, ten years ago, we arranged for a memorable discussion among some of the very renowned astronomers and astrophysicists on the possibilities of extraterrestrial life. We invited young children to write poems on astronomy and awarded the best amongst them. We also felicitated our long time members. All this was followed by a fancy and sumptuous dinner.

To celebrate the diamond anniversary this year, we are looking for ideas and assistance from all our members. Please send an email to the if you have any recommendations or if you would like to involve yourself to organize a memorable celebration.

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