Club Member Dennis Jamison’s Note

(In his own words)

Dennis-JamisonI wanted to let my fellow members know that I’ve moved away from NJ after a brief stay of only 14 months!  The reason is that my son got his dream job but it’s in Denver.  So we moved too, arriving two days ago.

I greatly enjoyed my time with the AAAP (even though mosDennis Jamison Denvert of it was via Zoom). The lectures and discussions were the best. I also got to attend the April 30 Keyholder training at the observatory and meet some of you in person. That was a memorable experience and I was looking forward to many more. The observatory is so impressive!  I’ve proudly described it to my astronomy friends outside of AAAP. 

I plan to renew my AAAP membership and continue to attend Zoom meetings from Denver whenever possible.  Please send me a renewal notice when the time comes, and let me know if I can help in any way with the AAAP’s outreach programs. 

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