AAAP Telescope Loaner Program

The AAAP Telescope Loaner Program is about to become real! David Skitt has been pulling together and fortifying the various sets of equipment into kits, and in collaboration with feedback from the membership, the loaner program facilitator, Todd Reichart, has drafted a simple statement of program rules and a simple loan contract. Once the kits are in good order, we look forward to promoting their availability on the AAAP website.

The program is open to all members of the AAAP and may be opened to youth and educational groups at the discretion of the AAAP board. There will be no charge to users of the loaner program, and the initial borrowing period for any kit will be 90 days. If equipment is lost or damaged while in the possession of borrowers, they will be expected to work with the AAAP to find a mutually agreeable way to replace, repair, or be forgiven of the loss.

The objective of the program is to get idle equipment into the hands of eager astronomical observers with a minimum of hassle to both borrowers and the lender. If any members have idle equipment that they would consider donating to this initiative, it would be gratefully accepted.

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