From the Assistant Director

by Larry Kane

A little over two years from now, on April  8, 2024 there will be a total solar eclipse that will cross most of North America.  While New Jersey will not be within the “path of totality” those in  the following cities will see much of the sun’s light blocked out, to the following percentages.

Trenton 89.1%
Newark 90.1%
New York City 89.9%

Cities that will be within the path and, thus will be a witness to the total eclipse include Cleveland, Ohio, Erie, Pennsylvania, Niagara Falls, New York, Buffalo, New York and Rochester, New York.  The latter is the closest to Princeton at roughly 340 miles, a five hour, fourteen minute drive.  I believe all of these cities have airline access.

While this eclipse is a long way off and many of us have more pressing astronomical and otherwise important things by which we can concern ourselves, I am proposing, that the AAAP start to work on a “field trip” to the Solar Eclipse.  So any AAAP member interested in joining the Second AAAP Solar Eclipse Excursion, should send me  your contact information and I will start to forward relevant trip information as it is gathered.  Send an email to  Once an observing location is selected, based on anticipated weather  patterns, accessibility, lodging and local astronomy contacts, we can get down to the logistics of the trip.

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