Extension of our Friday Night Public Observing Season

by Dave and Jennifer Skitt, Observatory Chairperson(s)

The AAAP Board has voted to extend the Friday night public season until the last Friday in November.  We felt that the delayed season start due to pandemic restrictions and poor weather warranted giving club members and the public additional opportunity to observe the night skies.  And, it will allow us a chance to see/show Fall and early Winter objects not visible during the Summer.  

There will be no assigned “Keyholder Team” for the extra four weeks, so all Keyholders are asked to participate as you are available.  I will act as “Team Leader” to make the go/no-go decision between 4 and 5 pm each week.  All Keyholders will be emailed with the decision.  

The public will be notified of our open/closed status via our Twitter (@Princetonastro) and Facebook (Amateur Astronomers Association of Princeton) pages each Friday afternoon after 5 pm.  The public may also call the Observatory at 609-737-2575 after 7 pm.  If the weather is clear and someone picks, chances are we are open for observing.  Observing will begin after 7:30 pm.  Directions to the Observatory can be found here:  https://princetonastronomy.org/public_nights.html and here:  https://princetonastronomy.org/AAAP-Simpson-Observatory-Map.jpg

Jennifer and I have been extremely pleased with club member, Keyholder and public participation in our observing nights thus far and look forward to continuing as long as the November weather holds out.  Remember to dress warm, wear a hat and bring your passion for stargazing to the park this Fall!

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