Minutes of the October 6, 2020 AAAP Board of Trustees meeting (virtual)

by John Miller, Secretary

● Rex Parker opened the Zoom meeting at 7:00 P.M.

● Rex and David Skitt indicated that the previous plan of opening the Washington Crossing Observatory to six people inside the building had failed to consistently succeed in keeping individuals at the required “social distancing” spacing of six feet (Covid-19 safety rules). Control of people into the observatory, it was reported, proved difficult to manage.

● Rex suggested modifying his “Phase 2” Observatory Re-Opening Plan. It was proposed a “Phase 1.5” ad-hoc change be adopted in the interim. This adjustment to the original “Phase 2.0” plan would:
1. Raise the guest number from 16 to 20 (6 inside; 14 outside from the original 6 inside 10 outside).
2. Assign a AAAP key holder to monitor/control the number of people entering the observatory.
3. Allow only AAAP members and their families to attend (“Phase 2.0” would allow the public in limited numbers). Mask-wearing, hand sanitizer and “social distancing” would continue to be enforced.

● Secretary John Miller called for a Board vote to adopt the interim “Phase 1.5.” The vote was:
Rex Parker, Director Yea;
Larry Kane, Assistant Director Yea;
Michael Mitrano, Treasurer Yea;
John Miller, Secretary Nay;
Ira Polans, Program Chair, (in absentia per Rex Parker), Yea.
The motion was passed 4 to 1.. .

● Bill Murray, current AAAP representative to the United Astronomy Clubs of NJ (UACNJ), mentioned he was named a nominee by the UACNJ as a candidate for the UACNJ liaison to the member clubs. Should he gain this position, he would have to relinquish his representative status (to the UACNJ) at the AAAP.

● Additional suggestions were made by Observatory Chair David Skitt to use our EAA (Electronically Assisted Astronomy) set up at the observatory to live-stream images to members online and on screens mounted on the outside of the WC Observatory.

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