Minutes of the September 1, 2020 AAAP Board of Trustees Meeting (virtual / online)

by John Miller, Secretary

● Rex Parker opened the Zoom meeting at 7:30 P.M.

● There was a brief review of the May and June 2020 online general meetings. Both        were reported to have gone well with members. Rex recommended inviting the general  public for general member meetings going forward.  The consensus was to invite the public via a notice on the AAAP web site.

● Bill Murray arranged to invite UACNJ members to any general AAAP club meeting. UACNJ would also extend this invitation to all it’s member organizations.

● The “ten minute” member presentation idea was floated – to be integrated into the Zoom meeting, after the key speaker had completed their presentation.

● Suggestions were made to  use our EAA  (Electronically Assisted Astronomy) set up   at the observatory to stream live images to members online. 

● Rex Parker and Dave Skitt discussed plans to bring the public to the WCSP            observatory, while instituting current COVID-19 precautions. They mentioned the            UACNJ gatherings would be used as a model.  This would include public sign-in at the Bear Tavern Road entrance and hand sanitizer availability at the observatory.

● As of this meeting, Rex reports WCSP managers have not replied to the club’s   request for permission for the AAAP to commence repair on the observatory columns.

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