From The Observatory

by Dave Skitt, Observatory Chairperson

As of this moment, the Labor Day Solar Observing Session hosted by AAAP and Wayne Henderek at the WCSP Nature Center is still scheduled to take place either Saturday or Monday afternoon.  This is a call for volunteers to help AAAP with this OUTDOOR public outreach event.  If you are healthy and so inclined, you are welcome to bring your telescope (with proper solar filter, of course) and show the public the wonders of our Sun.  Scopes with EAA capabilities are also welcome.  If you don’t have a scope, you can still help by handing out club literature or talking about the Sun and astronomy in general.  

We’ll be setting up the scopes near the pavilion at the Nature Center on one of the two days between the hours of 1 and 3 pm.  If Saturday, September 5th is clear, we’ll hold the event then.  If cloudy/rainy on Saturday, the event will be held on Monday, September 7th.  The final decision will be made on Saturday morning and volunteers notified by email.

This event is low key, with publicity provided by the Park.  We typically encounter no more than 40 people that happen to be in the park for the last holiday of summer.  We set up around 12:30 and leave by 3:30 pm.  Wayne provides a table and chairs for us to use.  Although the event is outdoors, please be prepared to wear a mask when the public is present.  The AAAP will adhere to carefully developed, state-approved safety plans in all of our observatory and outreach operations.

Please send an email to and tell me of your intention to assist and what day you’d be available, if not both.  And, hope for Clear Skies.

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