A Storm is Coming

by Theodore R Frimet

I am not asking for solutions for racism. I don’t expect much from me, either. How can I contribute to a movement away from death and destruction while I live in a society that tends to forget yesterdays news? All the while people thrive on reading a 10 word sentence from a racist pundit? I find it hard to compete with that.

Good people are often divided not only by their intuition, their judgments and reasoning can also be askew. Despite being substantially incorrect, they continue clinging to far flung reasoning. All of this misplaced effort is to support their failed judgement system. When their judgements completely collapse, they rely on like minded groups for support. This is in part, is why failed social systems continue to thrive.

I heard on the radio an idea that was easy to validate. That not all members of the police force that wear the color blue are trained for every aspect of their job. Our executive system injects our men and women in blue into every conceivable event that requires policing. In short form, if I were going to serve a Warrant, it requires officers trained in application of force. You wouldn’t however bring that officer to a hostage negotiation, or to talk someone off a ledge?  Would you use Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) to serve a warrant? Happens all the time.

The psychology and demands of the uniform are quite different. And therein lay the rub. There are NO laws governing who and in what circumstances officers offer their response. They are expected to do everything. And yes, it is crystal clear that they cannot. We need to seriously decommission the access to weapons and tactics and limit their scope to the origins of the idea to serve and protect.

The civil rights movement started before I was born, and gained traction within the first ten years of my life. If I may make claim to be a child, shaped by the events of our generation of the 1960’s, then we have failed miserably. The horror that we committed against humanity before the civil rights movement are more than echoes of our past. They continue to be the fuel that has been spewed as racist imagery to American’s born since then.

It would go a long way if we could remove racism from the body of the executive. I would start limiting the scope of all police officers. Put them into the jobs that they can be trained for, and never into a position that would put the rest of us into harms way. 

Given the very nature of policing, officers are empowered to not only protect life, are also given lawful access to take away life. The Executive Order that provided oversight, before 2016, was removed. Can I in hindsight, and as a neophyte politicist, even suggest that if oversight remained in place that Mr Floyd would not be murdered? Racism abounds and it will take concerted efforts to make a true and lasting social change.

It should be clear to everyone by now, that the shield and oath of law enforcement will no longer provide protection in a court of law. As a law abiding citizen that has firm belief in the Second Amendment, all have access to the force of arms and a Constitution to make a convincing argument. 

Your services are no longer required. Take a knee, racist, while you can. A storm is coming. It is coming to replace your fallible intuition, broken judgement, and failure to reason with all of America.

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