Minutes of the April 22, 2020 AAAP Board of Trustees meeting (online)

by John Miller, Secretary

  • This meeting was initiated via an online video conferencing.session lasting about one hour.

Attendees included:

Larry Kane, Assistant Director
Michael Mitrano, Treasurer
Rex Parker, Director
John Miller, Secretary
Ira Polans, Program Chair
David and Jennifer Skitt, Observatory Co-Chairs
Gene Allen, Public Outreach
Surabhi Agarwal and Ted Frimet, Sidereal Times Editors
AAAP members: Jim Poinsett, John Church, Bill Murray and Tom Swords.

  • An extended topic concerned member-meeting solutions during the Covid-19 crisis. Various conference software solutions were discussed. Rex Parker decided on the Zoom product (being used for this conference). Ira Polans will submit details to the membership. Zoom Pro subscription is about $15. per month.
  • Michael Mitrano submitted the FY balance sheet as of 03-31-2020. It was recommended by John Miller that the report be emailed to the current membership. That was overridden by the Board in lieu of a later version.
  • An online survey (Survey Monkey) was accessed by Rex to poll AAAP members for the required vote for Board of Trustees election, as required by the club by-laws. The survey was emailed to the general membership by John Miller on April 23, 2020.
  • The status of the observatory supports repair was discussed. With Washington Crossing State Park closed, plans for repair are on hold. Rex will talk with the park manager regarding access, scheduling and related issues involving the AAAP. Rex also introduced a motion to increase the repair budget to $9,500 as a buffer.
  • Member Bill Murray reviewed a proposal concurrent with the NJ State Museum’s Planetarium. As a continuing partner with the planetarium, the proposal would coordinate small groups, managed by the planetarium to visit the AAAP observatory as special guests.

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