Nominations for AAAP Officers for 2020-21

by John Church, Nominations Chair

Dear Members,

Director Rex Parker has kindly asked me to serve as Nominations Chair for our upcoming May election. I am therefore very pleased to report that all of our present officers have agreed to be nominated for another term. In my estimation they have all performed admirably in their respective posts, often above and beyond the call of duty.

The slate is as follows:

For Director: Rex Parker
For Assistant Director: Larry Kane
For Secretary: John Miller
For Treasurer: Michael Mitrano
For Program Chair: Ira Polans
For Observatory Chair: Dave Skitt
For Outreach Chair: Gene Allen

As always, additional nominations can be made by any member in good standing. However, because we will not be able to meet in Peyton Hall to actually conduct the election in May, arrangements are being made to accept any additional nominations and conduct the election electronically. Please stay tuned to Sidereal Times for further details.

In this difficult time we need to keep the club up and running to the best of our ability. It is unfortunate that we cannot presently meet in person, hear all those wonderful programs that Ira has been arranging, and share anecdotes and personal greetings, but this too shall pass. In the meantime, we are still able to stay in touch electronically. Thank goodness the Coronavirus has not infected our computers!

John Church
Nominations Chair

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