Minutes of the November 12, 2019 AAAP Meeting

by John Miller, Secretary

● Director Rex Parker opened the meeting, 7:30PM. Presented current events affecting the AAAP. This included various club activities (key holder procedures, field trips, outreach, guest speakers).

● Guest speaker Josh Winn, Princeton University Department of Astrophysical Sciences, was a popular draw. Discussion of Exoplanets. About 125 attendees.

● Professor Winn’s presentation focused of TESS: Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite.

● John Church gave a brief talk about the Mercury transit. The AAAP’s Hastings-Byrne refractor has observed 4 Mercury transits throughout its history.

● There was no Treasurer report.

● Rex did a post-lecture talk on current, selected objects in the November sky (Andromeda, Perseus, Pegasus, Triangulum).

● David Skitt, observatory chair, reported that the Sky 10 software had been renewed. The observatory pillar repair project remains under review for contractors.

● The meeting adjourned at 10PM.

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