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Tardigrade -BBC

Tardigrades: Stuck on the moon after crash
The moon might now be home to thousands of planet Earth’s most indestructible animals. Tardigrades – often called “water bears” – are creatures under a millimetre long that can survive being heated to 150C and frozen to almost absolute zero. And the co-founder of the organization that put them there thinks they’re almost definitely still alive…more


Nasa confirms ocean moon mission
Scientists working on an audacious mission to the ocean world of Europa can proceed with the final design and construction of the spacecraft, Nasa says. The Europa Clipper mission will target the ice-encrusted moon of Jupiter, which is considered a prime target in the search for life beyond Earth…more


Nasa picks HQ for Moon lander
A Nasa facility in Alabama that developed the giant rocket for the Apollo programme in the 1960s will play a key role in sending astronauts down to the Moon’s surface in 2024.
The Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville will lead the development of a vehicle that will land astronauts…more


Rosalind Franklin Mars rover nears completion
The “Rosalind Franklin” Mars rover is in its final stages of construction. Engineers at Airbus (UK) are running through the end tasks of assembly and expect to get the six-wheeled vehicle out the door before August is up. Among the last items being attached are the robot’s solar panels, and its mast and camera system…more


India’s Chandrayaan-2 Lunar Photos
India’s Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft is settling into orbit around the moon and has an incredible view as it waits to try to make history.
The spacecraft arrived in lunar orbit on Aug. 19 (Aug. 20 local time at the Indian Space Research Organisation’s mission control) and is currently conducting a series of maneuvers to tweak…more


Magnetars Can Bombard Earth with γ-Ray Flares
Three times in the last 40 years, giant gamma-ray flares have bombarded our corner of space. These giant flares aren’t dangerous, and last just about one-tenth of a second. But they’re wildly out of proportion to the usual gamma-ray beams bouncing around the universe…more


Evolution of SpaceX’s Rockets
SpaceX began in 2002, when its founder, Elon Musk, took the first steps in his grand ambition to send a mission to Mars. More than 15 years later, the company is way beyond the space startup stage. The Hawthorne, California-based company regularly reuses rockets, sends cargo missions to the International Space Station with the uncrewed Dragon spacecraft…more


Wet, Frozen Conditions on Ancient Mars Could Have Supported Life
3 to 4 billion years ago, it was warm enough on Mars to spark major rainstorms and flowing water, which would have frozen shortly after, a new study has found. This could serve as evidence that simple life may have developed on Mars at a similar time that it developed on Earth…more

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