Minutes of the June 11, 2019 AAAP General Meeting

by John Miller, Secretary

  • This season-end meet gathered at the N.J. State Museum’s Planetarium.
  • Rex Parker, Director, brought the meeting to order at 7:30 P.M.
  • The group thanked member Bill Murray for arranging and hosting the Planetarium show. The presentation was titled: Cap Con Go – Story of Apollo 11.
  • Rex Parker mentioned the Planetarium’s operation may be in jeopardy due to budget allocations. He stated the intention of sending a letter of support for the facility to the State Museum management, on behalf of the AAAP.
  • It was announced that July 20th – Lunar Landing Day will be hosted by the Planetarium. Members are encouraged to attend. That evening, a “Members Night” is scheduled at the Washington Crossing Observatory. All AAAP members and their guests are invited.
  • Rex Parker announced the Skynet Automated Astrophotography (Skynet University – UNC) contract has been renewed for two years.
    https://skynet.unc.edu/introastro/ourtelescopes/ .
  • A proposal was opened to the floor to hold a AAAP star party at a location in Hopewell Township, NJ. Rex Parker is leading talks with a site called “Gravity Hill.” Tentative dates discussed were September 28th and 29th, 2019.
  • There was continued discussion regarding a proposed name change to our organization. From: Amateur Astronomers Association of Princeton To: Astronomy Association of Princeton.
  • The meeting adjourned at 10:10 PM.
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