Outreach Blotter

Gene Allen, Outreach Chair

Every Outreach Event is an opportunity for EVERY Member to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for things astronomical, not just those who have a telescope. Come out to see what these events are all about, log some time at an eyepiece, and experience the wide variety of hardware owned by your fellow Members.

Following is a listing of all the Outreach Events currently on the calendar. Most still need more support, so please take a look at your calendar and see which ones you could arrange to attend. The two library events listed here are not part of the Summer Library Presentation listing because they are only seeking star gazing evenings, not presentations.

Saturday, June 8, at Simpson Observatory
25-30 Cub Scouts, some Boy Scouts, and parents of Pack 44 of Pennington will be visiting. We need at least 3 Keyholders to open and some Keyholder or Member scopes to afford more viewing opportunities. Volunteers to date: Dave Reis (s), Jeff Pinyan (s)

Thursday, June 20, at Simpson Observatory
We need both Keyholders to open and Keyholder or Member volunteers who can bring additional scopes to offer a star gazing evening to 20-40 participants in the Delaware River Sojourn, a paddle trip that began in Hancock, NY. They will be camping overnight in WCSP before continuing south on the river. Volunteers so far: Dave Reis (s)

Friday, June 21, at Simpson Observatory
Twenty or so 3rd grade Girl Scouts and parents will be joining us, so we need Members who can bring additional scopes or just come to share your knowledge and enthusiasm. Volunteers to date: Jeff Pinyan (s)

Wednesday, July 9, in Lambertville
Folks at the Lamberville Free Public Library are planning a simple star gazing evening. They have 2 telescopes but limited knowledge and are requesting some assistance setting them up and using them. Details about their scopes have been requested. Members who have similar scopes and can bring theirs would be most helpful, but we may just need a few Member scopes. Rain/cloud date is next night, July 10. Please advise availability for both nights.

Saturday, July 20, at the Planetarium
Special program is requesting support in the form of Members who can bring solar scopes for public viewing from 1-4 in the afternoon. More details will be provided as they become available., but this could be a great family day.

Saturday, July 20, at Simpson Observatory
MEMBERS’ NIGHT! All Members, especially those who who have never been, are encouraged to come out to our Observatory in Washington Crossing State Park on this special day. Members are welcome to bring along family and friends.

Wednesday, August 7, at Mountain Lakes House in Princeton
A star gazing evening is planned by the Princeton Public Library. We need Members to bring telescopes. Public arrives at 7:30, set up earlier if you can. Volunteers to date: John Miller

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