From the Assistant Director

by Larry Kane

Recently, a fellow board member of Astronomy and Science Club from my retirement community brought to my attention an intriguing New Jersey site. Though, at the time of this writing, I have not had an opportunity to visit it myself, I thought its existence should be brought to the attention of the AAAP membership.

I called the InfoAge Space Exploration Center, ISEC, located at 2300 Marconi Rd in Wall Township, NJ and found that the Center sports the TLM-18, a 60 foot operational radio telescope. This telescope was refurbished by a team from the Info Center and Princeton University. It is currently used to detect radio signals from the Milky Way. Center visitors can see the telescope in use and discuss its galactic data gathering with its operators.

If you should get to see the Center and the TLM-18 soon, please let me know what you think about both. The ISEC is open to the public on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Admission costs are $5.00 per person.

In addition, at the last meeting of the Board of Directors, I assumed the responsibility for managing the AAAP “Meet Up” account. This means that I will be listing and updating all relevant events in which our club will be participating. So, if you have a Meet Up account, stay tuned. If not, open one to stay abreast.

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