amateur tested

by Thedore R. Frimet

save the universe one life at a time

I am getting ready to embark on a mission. A deep space, fly-by, that has been tested, and retested by the best of the best, of the best.

Early detection saves lives. Even if you are an amateur, I smack you with the gauntlet, that many spired glove of reality. This is the essay of life, liberty and the pursuit of early colon cancer detection.

Yes, I will be traveling down the path not easily taken, nor preferred. I will be shortly sustaining my being and the backside of Orion’s view, with green Jello, Beef and Chicken flavored bouillon.

Not to be undone, of course, will be 8.3 oz of nasty recourse, dissolved into 64 oz of cool blue glacier flavored Gatorade, and a doctor ordered 4 pill chaser.

I never put this stuff in my body. But what the heck. In the freezer, awaiting my desserts, are a single flavor (not red) ices as my just reward.

However, and not to lead anyone of you, down the road to shallow disappointment, I have managed to also purchase apple juice.

And to my contentment, and your laughter – YES – the apple juice is organic.

Remember: Save the Universe, one life at a time.
Tell a fellow amateur to get a colonoscopy, today.

Nothing but love, and thanks for reading, as I prepare for the deep end of the scope.

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