Hypervelocity Missiles and the Depth of Space

by Theodore R. Frimet

It is common knowledge that we acknowledge the vast oceans as a limited resource. Beyond our national boundaries, even so, globally, there appears to be a tragedy of compromise. Whereas the 1982 United Nations Law of the Sea tempers access to the international seabed, so it goes that minor players have the occasion to overfish and stress the very biomass that we presume are protected.

It is within this oceanic genre that we begin to foment the comparison of our inner space to outer space.

With the development of hypervelocity missiles, pronounced by the Chinese government a few months back, and more recently by the Russian military, our nascent administration finds itself in the precarious position to survey the initial launch phase of a determined intruder, and presents itself the re-introduction of Reagan era Star Wars.

As Amateur Astronomers, we comprehend fully the initiators of defense, leading us in first strike capability, from Lagrange points L1 and L2, or the two more stable points of L4 and L5. However, for the sake of multi stakeholders, we must pursue a policy of peace in space.

When the alarmist rings out that space is already militarized and that an orbiting anti-missile strategy is preferable, I am resilient in my opine that our economy and allegiance are best spent on the continued preservation of space for peaceful exploration.

We are three nations strong. All with hypervelocity missiles. These three kings would do well to couple our needs as human beings with the requirements of our growing cultures to solve global problems and not to create them.

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