Happy New Year

by Theodore R. Frimet

I was going thru my notes, from last year, of what would not pass for muster in our Sidereal Times. I decided that if this doesn’t end up with old Aesop being tossed off the mountainside, then the anthropomorphic and political forces that are compromising the very existence of all remaining vertebral Earth based life may not truly be all that difficult to overcome.

Does it Matter?
It has always been about rotational force. As the false vacuum expanded outwards, forming our universe – rotational forces were constrained – yielding to create the incredible expansion forces needed to inflate our universe.

The resulting universes’ (ours in particular) are in rotation. Observe deep field star shift, factor in known horizon and calculate our universe’s rotation velocity (or angular momentum). If that sounds too deep, consider postulating the recurring pulsating effect that results in multiple time dilations? Where does all that excess energy that didn’t make it into rotation go to? Someone call my accountant, please!

some notes from Guth read:

“false vacuum driving the inflation has a mass density of 10 to the 80 power grams per cubic centimeter.

Time for child universe to disconnect is 10 to the power of minus 37 seconds.

Black hole left behind evaporates in 10 to the power of minus 23 seconds with energy equivalent release of 500 kiloton nuclear explosion.”

back to me, now…

The everyday matter that you see (baryons – which are in essence neutrons and protons) were first created by the twisting and warping of the early universe. That is – when you twist and distort space-time you get matter.

You see, the trees, and the birds that you see, in everyday life, are not mere projections of matter into the fabric of space-time. They are, quite matter of fact, made up of space-time. It is the universe inventing itself.

The interaction of baryonic matter with space-time is very interesting. And a leap of faith is made in comparing it to the instant creation of matter – and its destruction upon meeting with anti-matter. That is, to me, that baryonic matter interaction with space-time is a very natural occurrence and not anything that is truly awe inspiring. Well, at least not after the first few seconds of realizing the true nature of matter, is anyway.

matter = space*time

What will really “bake your noodle”, is when you realize what is produced when you distort matter, and end up with new regions of space time. You birth new universes.

Or does it not Matter?
In my nutshell: “To establish virtual particle equilibrium, during interactions with Bose-Einstein Condensates, formed from Hydrogen, momentum is shifted into dark matter.

Hence, dark matter cools Hydrogen.

Sorry about flapping my gums on condensates. Yes, I thought that up. Thanks for calling me out on it. Now I have to share some brain pan space with my Sunday afternoon cup of coffee. My parietal lobes aren’t going to like this. They were expecting a natural brain chemical pump day, listening to Pink Floyd. Maybe the first tune I listed to, was sufficient pump. Who knows?

A while back a co-worker introduced me to a couple of terms, like Bose-Einstein condensates (BEC), and Cooper pairs. And like all good things in science, for me, some terminology tends to take hold. It took awhile to learn the basics. I am a little past the basics, now.

The BEC is in the lowest energy state. And it behaves quantum mechanically. When a non BEC particle interacts, there is no absorption and re-radiation. There is either a reflection, or quantum tunneling thru the BEC, or so I thought. ==> It was due to my misconception that there is a tunneling effect thru a BEC, as opposed to the “true” measurement of the condensate doing the tunneling, itself. That is, some small part of a BEC tunneling thru a barrier.<==

So, lets work with my misconception (aka “yes I thought that up”) : Non BEC particles can tunnel thru a BEC. And then, here I stumbled across a comment about Dark Matter not interacting with regular matter. And I got to thinking, Hydrogen has an even number of fermions, and of course can be a BEC.

I am trying my best. So hang on, for a little while longer..should have listened to all of the Floyd playlist. sigh. Here it is: Virtual particle interactions with the BEC – one part of the virtual pair is reflected, while the other quantum tunnels.

Probably easier to test than looking at what happens at the event horizon of a black hole, and virtual particle pairs, per Dr. Hawking. My apologies, Dr. Hawking. I probably ripped him off, by extrapolating his hypothesis of what happens to virtual particle pairs that are too close to a black hole. ( Wow. Floyd just kicked in. Two black holes, and two virtual pairs. One for each micro-black hole at the time of the big bang. Now that would make some physicist turn his string theory loopy instead of straight ! )

In reflection (in the part of the virtual pair that got reflected), time is lost, and space is expanded. I guess it is more way cooler than to say it lost momentum. To establish an equilibrium, the momentum is shifted into dark matter. Hence, dark matter cools Hydrogen. And momentum wasn’t really lost – it was conserved.

Anyway, I am fond of at least finding an abstract to deal with the subject. I wouldn’t have looked it up, however, I need another cup of coffee, and have to stare down some photonic lunch.

Below is a link to a PDF. This is the closest I can get, to getting me to understand the vectors of momentum-energy and space-time. It does little, however, to "prove" momentum conservation by a shift into dark matter. That too, I must admit. The author, also, is speculative: arxiv.org – arxiv.org/pdf/0704.3521.pdf.

Want some Richard Feynman and cat photon referenced with your lunch? Read here: "Ice cream has no bones" https://princetonastronomy.wordpress.com/2018/03/04/ice-cream-has-no-bones/


No Soap Radio:
Space-time contractions and expansions are not limited to the speed of light. So two entangled particles, separated by space-time – can communicate instantaneously, because the space-time between them instantly collapses into mutual proximity; and then instantly dilates to a distance between the two entangled particles. In no time, what-so-ever.

Further… an electron pair will be contained in its space-time cone. There are multiple dimensions at play. The distance between the two are dictated by a higher dimension. It is that one, single, solitary dimension that collapses, bringing the electrons into mutual proximity. They exchange information by virtue of a “new” Pauli exclusion principle, and then the dimension is restored – resolving the dilated space between them.

Change the Channel, please:
Did Kepler ever describe why elliptical orbits exist instead of circular? Or did he, like Newton on gravity, leave it to someone else to tell us the why?

Orbits are elliptical because our bodies (sun, earth, etc.) are in motion in a straight velocity line. The expected circular orbits are compressed into an ellipse.

Other objects, not bound to our solar system that may “visit” have orbits that are tangential, or hyperbolic, and not elliptical. They are not stretched from an expected circular orbit into an elliptical one. Oumuamua, there she goes!

O Woe is to Me:
I had a problem writing the next essay for our astronomy club. It must be astronomy related or at least astrophysical.

As I completed reading the first two chapters of Einsteins Mirror (Tony Hey & Patrick Walters) I realized that the Bohr model of quantum mechanics, Fermi and Pauli are being read right to left. That is, electron’s don’t move to contract or expand from shell to shell. It is space-time that moves, and yields either the position or the momentum of the electron.

No, Einstein didn’t say that. Neither did the other players, as far as I read of Lorentz, Lamar, and Fitzgerald. Although, if there were something of a sort, buried in history, it would have been Fitzgerald that would have married himself to the idea. Having been quoted himself as saying, “I am not in the least sensitive to having made mistakes, I rush out with all sorts of crude notions in the hope that they may set others thinking and lead to some advance”. p39 ibid Hey et al.

Space-time expands or contracts, yielding new position and momentum to the electron. That is space-time dilation is represented on a very small level.

Stars are in motion, and have velocity relative to each other. All (galaxies) are moving away, relative to us, due to the expansion of the Universe. You see, the galaxies move? Not quite so. The space-time of the Universe expands, taking with it, the galaxies on their inevitable journey. Perhaps that is the tie-in for the essay?

In the few paragraphs above – we have linked the very large scale (The Universe) with the very small scale (quantum mechanical world of the electron) by restating that it is space-time that dilates or contracts and not small or large scale matter movement.

Or am I blowing wind up my skirt ?

Because if I am not, then time vacillates both forwards and backwards, on very minute levels and also on larger grander scales. Which makes it possible to move both forward and backwards in time. Ok, that was a stretch. You didn’t read it here. “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.” – Obi-wan, Star Wars.

Cosmic Comprehension:
Human brains have evolved, we are told, to accommodate current facts and to predict an immediate future. Be not skeptical, because this is a flat fact. Some call this clairvoyance.

I think it more likely that we owe our precognition to a quantum mechanical aspect of our very existence in the universe. Again, be not skeptical about the quantum mechanical relationship of biology to physics. As it is also a flat fact that quantum plays out in the retina of something as complex as a birds eye. We have many solemn years ahead of us, until we complete that final map of a quantum relationship of our biology to our being present in the moment.

Take a split second – dilate it to the largest extent that you imagine – and fill it with matter that has activity both in position and momentum. The void you fill is space-time. And what you fill it with is energy (matter).

The fact of law is that energy can neither be created or destroyed. Same goes for matter. However my hypotheses leads me to the dogged sense that space-time can be created and destroyed.

It can grow to an eternity, or be contracted to a non-existence. A zero. A nothing. Less than a void, and devoid of any quantum foam. Time has no singularity. Isn’t that inconvenient, now? Tic the toc. Where did all the space go to, then? It inverted when time ran backwards, into the convenient construct of an imaginary number system. A place where negative values rule the void.

We are there, and then again we are in the present. Our current state of evolution not only permits us to perceive the comings and goings of space-time vibrations – we are permitted the sanctity of retaining our sanity, while positing the impossible truth of it.

That reality, once again, is only what we perceive at the moment. And then the moment is gone. The new
twist to this old saga, is to ask the question. Where did the moment really go to? Did it expand (forward) or contract (backwards)?

Please proceed to the front of the line:
Could you require less than one quarter of a second to form up cognition based upon your senses? By the time you dilate space time to make perception out of what you sense, you have already proved the quantum mechanical aspect of your very existence in this Universe.

O woe is to me. The musings of an artifice, as we patiently wait for evolution to provide us with what we so desperately need to survive this Anthropomorphic demise of our species: an astro-morphological change.

Perhaps all we need is cosmic bombardment on our way to Mars? Think of it as a self-induced injury to recombine the macromolecular moieties that we already possess, and elucidate during our process of self repair. Let’s not be naive about this.

“Now it’s time to leave the capsule if you dare” – David Bowie, Space Oddity

Batteries not included:
The pulsing action of virtual particles are responsible for the momentum of electrons.

When metals disassociate in solution in ionic form, their electrons give off photons. These photons of course have wavelengths specific to the metal. Fe would be different, say from Cu.

If you pump light back into the solution, matching the wavelength, you would recharge the “battery”.

Time does not have to meet the conservation of energy principle. By my musings, when you create excess time, you will produce new space.

Due to the actions of virtual particles, and that the reverse time effect does not match the forward time effect in conservation of energy, there would appear to now be a boundless form of energy available to the battery equally I dare say in excess of 100 percent.

Ok. I left the capsule. The above is heresy, and despite you thinking that Nicolaus C. handed out his leaflet on his deathbed, you are entirely out of order. And by the way, the grass is greener on the other side of the mountain. Just ask Aesop. Maybe the grass there has more virtual exposure, and Earth’s natural biological batteries are fully charged?

Or as I once told a classroom of Astronomers, green is Earths’ waste color. It is reflected, while it appears that most all other wavelengths, not being reflected, are very useful to the cause of biology. Consider this a new light on an explosion of rarefied nonsense.

By the by, I disagree with Virgils’ quote, “Fugit inreparabile tempus”. I say that “time flies with return”. It is just that the batteries were never included.

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