September 2018 Meeting Minutes

by Jim Poinsett

Minutes of the September 2018 Meeting of the AAAP

  • The meeting was called to order after the lecture. The first topic was StarQuest 2018. It will be held on October 5th through 7th at the Hope Conference Center in Hope NJ. The cost is $40 per night.
  • Membership renewal is due now. You can send in a check or make payment on our website through PayPal.
  • The American Astronomical Society (AAS) is now accepting Amateur Affiliate Memberships. The AAAP is an affiliated organization. Membership is $50, e-journals are available for an additional $25.
  • 2019 Astronomy calendars are available, $10 speak to Larry.
  • There are problems with the TeamViewer service at the observatory. Many users are being kicked off. TeamViewer is cracking down on home use vs. professional use.
  • The was an article in the NY Times on Sunday September 9th about travel to dark sky locations.
  • The NJ Astronomical Association is hosting an open house and flea market. Check their website (NJAA.ORG) for details.
  • There is an astrophotography workshop at the Tupper Lake Observatory in late October.
  • The club is considering a field trip to the Air and Space museum at Dulles. Either early December or early next year are times being considered.
  • The NJ State Planetarium is having a “Choosing Your First Telescope” presentation on November 24th. They are looking for members to set up their scopes and answer questions for visitors.

Meeting adjourned

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